Portfolio Updates

Portfolio Updates

3 Quarter 2018

Third quarter economic growth continued at a brisk pace and equity markets responded with a strong showing through September.

1 Quarter 2018

The last three months brought increased market volatility and the first negative quarter for the broad equity markets in over two years.

3 Quarter 2017

As Washington debates a new tax plan, companies continue to increase dividend payments to their shareholders.

1 Quarter 2017

The 1st quarter brought about signs of change and new hope for a better economy.

4 Quarter 2016

The 4th quarter is behind us, but the consequences of the last few months may have a lasting impact on the markets.

2 Quarter 2016

The Brexit vote across the pond caught investors around the world by surprise and added to market volatility at the end of June .

2 Quarter 2018

The equity markets showed very little conviction during the 2nd quarter, as an array of economic indicators gave mixed signals regarding the economy.

4 Quarter 2017

We ended the year with consumer confidence on the rise and corporate America feeling good about lower tax rates.

2 Quarter 2017

During the 2nd quarter, we saw improvement in corporate cashflow and another good period of increasing dividends.

3 Quarter 2016

Dividend increases were harder to come by in the 3rd quarter as the equity markets continued to inch up on less than stellar earnings reports.

1 Quarter 2016

Volatility returned to the markets during the first quarter and reminded investors that stock prices can move quickly in both directions just to get back to where they started the year.

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