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In addition to our extensive experience in the financial services industry, we have worked together as a team since 1996. Our backgrounds bring a collaborative approach to money management, as we focus on three key principles: optimal asset allocation, disciplined security selection, and active portfolio management.


As an independent firm, we are able to avoid the conflicts of interest inherent in traditional product-based financial service firms. We dedicate significant resources to perform our independent research effort, thereby adding our analytical process and experience to the institutional research produced by Wall Street.

It's about you

Managing wealth is a long-term commitment--requiring a comprehensive strategy, implemented through a series of coherent investment decisions. At every step, we analyze your situation, objectives, and risk tolerance, so that we can produce a flexible and customized investment strategy to meet your particular needs.

We utilize a time-tested process to help you select and implement a personalized investment strategy. Our approach uses the same concepts embraced by the fiduciaries of retirement plans, foundations, and charitable organizations. We adhere to these methods to help ensure that you follow the prudent path for investing and achieving lifetime goals.

Through changing markets, we seek to increase portfolio value over time, without enduring unnecessary risk. While no one can predict market fluctuations, customized strategies can help manage risk. We recognize the importance of establishing your portfolio, using a disciplined risk-management approach that addresses your tolerance for market volatility.

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We invite you to begin a working relationship with Oak Asset Management
and allow our team of professionals to design, implement, and manage an
integrated investment management solution tailored to your personal needs.

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We offer a complimentary "Get Acquainted" meeting to describe our services, and to see if our services are right for you.


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